Thursday, January 22, 2009

perfect picture

Okay, so in my J210 class. One of the many electives that I must get out of the way for my communications major turned out good today. It is mainly a digital picture kind of class, so when I get my 35mm film developed, I must take it and have it put on a disc. No big deal. The first assignment was CIRCLES. SWEET!! Simple yes, but one of my circle ideas/pictures turned out really sweet. Here is the final copy, after editing and cropping it. Okay, I took this picture on the interstate, going about 65 MPH. No, I was not driving, although that would be sweet if I could pull that off. That is a semi truck tire, up close and personal. I think it looks awesome, because that is exactly how I planned for it to look, and when the film got developed and it looked exactly how I wanted it too. Well, I FELT LIKE I WON A RACE!! Like, a picture race........

I got kind of behind in my Bible Study today, because I have SO MUCH SCHOOL work to do. I'll be able to catch up, it's just not the way I like doing things. Especially super important things like being in the Word. It's time for me to hit the sack, crack open some ZZzz's, pass out, go to sleepy town, zonk out.

Grace & Peace my readers.

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Gracie said...

Great job!!! Very cool picture.