Friday, January 02, 2009

God works even through PAIN

The day started off with me being really tired. I got over it, and went into work. Work was good because I was the only YMCA staff, which meant I got the hours for the day. YESSS! Okay, today I walked the kids (seven kids) down about 3 blocks to the big downtown library. They loved it, and in the picture to the left can be seen checking out the little fishy's. They had a good time, and were safe, so that is really all that matters. We walked back, and I kept them busy, and this and that till there were only 3 left. I got them calmed down enough to watch a movie, which was a very good thing. My day at work ended after the movie, as soon as I left I called my friend Tom, not the teacher but the Young Life staff friend. He has been having a bit of a struggle that he shared with me, and I told him I would come over and we could hash things out for a bit. I saw God working in his life, through hard times, and tried my best to stand as an encouragement for him. We eventually connected with some other Young Life people, and went to a local Irish Pub called JK O'Donnell's. You can remember this place from when I turned 21 ~CHECK LINK~ or the place that I took my best friend when he just turned 22 ~CHECK LINK~ Yea, anyways, it's a nice bar/place to eat with friends. Tom and I took some of the guys, and then we randomly met up with some guys there. It was cool, good conversation, and yea. The picture was super dark, I tried to brighten it up a bit, but it didn't really work super well because it distorted the picture. ANYWHO, I have to get to bed because I am taking this kid Brandin to go to Bittersweet to ski tomorrow. We are leaving bright and early so I must SLEEP. It's going to be so awesome, and I can't wait to share the experience.

Today, I was thankful for God working admist pain and suffering. Sometimes it is all too easy to say that God is not in things that are difficult and horrible, but I say God is right there more than ever, waiting for His people to give it all over to him. COMPLETE SURRENDER is mighty difficult but ohh so essential to a true and meaningful intimate relationship with Christ. Just some bablings from my brainey. TA TA~!

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