Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Birth Day JARED!!

(Good meals on me)
Today is the birth day of my bestest friend in the whole wide world. Now, Jared and I have been best buddies since kindergarten. This is Nicky's brother. So I have been planning on taking Jared out to eat at this really nice Irish bar called J K O'Donnell's which I have been planning on doing. In fact, I called and got in cahoots with his girl friend Allison for about a week. We both wanted to do something awesome for his B-Day, so I helped to wrangle up all his best friends and when Jared and I walked back from J K's, we opened the front door up to a house full of pizza and closest friends. They gave him cards and we played video games all night. IT WAS VERY MUCH FUN!!!


Anonymous said...

hey mikey i take it by your lack of posting or responding to my comments that you don't like what i say, so good for know what dude, you can be everyones best friend and hero but until you let someone be your best friend and hero or savior then you are destined to be what you are without getting dont know it all, and you don't have all the answers to lifes problems but hey you know what...bless you and hope you have a great life, but i will not post any more because you do not want to hear from people who question you or challenge your choices..your loss young man, but for one last time, God Bless You. I wish you good health and a happy life, and a woman to enjoy and children which will bring you happiness, trust me, they will..thanks for letting me post in the past..over and out, i will miss your adventures

Mikey said...

I chose not to publish your last comment, because it was totally off the wall and didn't have any kind of realistic basis. Sometimes you go on and on but say nothing. I don't have answers to life's questions, but God does. He has can fix all of um. You (meaning everyone) just have to have the guts to take a step out in faith. That is why I didn't post your last comment. It had no basis, and you are just very wrong about my friends, it goes much deeper than what you have seen in my BLOG. I love those close to me more than you can imagine or read about in my BLOG. The only person that is my savior is Jesus Christ, the son of God. Plain and simple friend. Well, for me it is. :-)