Tuesday, November 04, 2008

alright Barack, lets see what you got

Before I talk about the new president, I wanted to comment on how bedazzled I was to see this guy riding his bike down a super busy street. Now, Fort Wayne has laws and all that jazz to protect bike riders, the thing I don't understand is why this guy chooses to ride his bike in the street when there is a perfectly good side walk running to where ever he is going....it is quite bewildering.

I am honestly surprised that Barack Obama is the new president. Well, maybe not too surprised, but maybe more like......well I am just kind of taken by it all. Mark my words...I just hope he is able to stand up to half of the things he said he is gonna do. I don't really believe in him, but that doesn't matter.

I stopped by my sisters house to check on John her fiance's nose. He had surgery today. He had to have some stuff taken out of his nose to open the air way or something like that.I think two things at the same time when I see this pic, I think, Poor John because I know his nose is going through a rough time right now, but then I think GO JOHN! Because of how him and my sister Brandy are going to get into school and make something of their lives.

Crap!!! I did not vote for many reasons......I did not write what I posted below, but I agree with it 100%!!

I am not voting today.

For the last several months I have had so much propaganda thrown at me from both parties to vote for the right candidate, as well as non-partisan urgings to get out and vote because it's my civic duty. I'm just tired of it. I'm ready for tomorrow to come so all the commercials will be over.

I made the conscious decision not to vote a while ago. I've written about this in a previous note, but when Christians put so much hope in the power of the voting booth and in one man to save us all from the woes of the opposing party, this is idolatry. Christians, our faith is not to be in a political system. The Kingdom of God, which is what we should be striving for, is far above this. And for Christians to vote for the candidate who most represents Christ in their policies and character, and expect them to fulfill the duties of the Church while we sit back and live our comfortable lives is irresponsible of us. If we want change, it needs to start with us, not with our politics. If you think that spreading the wealth is the most Christ-like policy, don't just let Obama take care of it, start doing it yourself. This is what Christ has commanded us.

I know that Christians need to be active in our world. I know that voting is often a part of that. But at this point in my life, this is the best way I know how to "make my voice heard." This is my way of being active politically and spiritually. My hope is that Christians will wake up and look beyond the propaganda to see how Christ has called us to live in this world. My hope is that Christians will stop putting their hope in a political system and start being active in their own communities to bring change. My hope is that people will start taking personal responsibility for bringing hope into this world rather than relying on one man and a government to do so. This is how I'm choosing to make my voice heard this election. I'm not judging you for voting by any means, but I just hope to raise awareness that Christ has called us to something greater than a political system.

I think this election has changed the idea of Christian voting. I know it has for me, even though I haven't voted previously. Our faith shouldn't be dominated by any one political party. I hope that this election makes people really think about why they vote and where our responsibility as citizens of this great nation and as citizens of the Kingdom of God cross paths.


Anonymous said...

Oh such wisdom. For a person who told everyone that you in no way, shape or form, was interested in the presidential race and who would never vote, you certainly all the sudden have some deep thoughts and opinions. The double standard employed by come "christians" continues to amaze many of us.

Mikey said...

Just out of curiosity, are you speaking for more than one person?

Anonymous said...

Just depends how many voices are in my head that day

Mikey said...

lol, now I put lol because I actually giggled a little bit after reading that comment. NOT, because I was laughing at the comment, it just hit me on the funny bone a bit I suppose.

Anonymous said...

We're glad we could give you a chuckle, no we aren't, yes we are, i am, i'm not, i don't care any way, i do, be quiet, you be quiet, have a great weekend