Thursday, November 13, 2008

new schedule.

Okay, I went to meet with my Academic Adviser today. It was a really good meeting because he gave me all the information I needed, plus got me signed into the classes I need to be in. Next semester is going to be CRAZY!! I will be going to school full time next semester. Working about 26 hours a week. Fully participating in Young Life. Staying in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and doing the daily work required. It is going to be a challenge. But I figure, I mine as well take advantage of my health while it is very good. It could be taken from me at any time. Literally, any time. So I am just going to go with the flow.

I wish I could say in this BLOG post that I got a lot accomplished today. It would be a lie though. I got a little (emphasis on LITTLE) bit of writing done. I am going to have to really hunker down tomorrow as soon as I get out of class tomorrow in the AM, it is straight to the computer lab, and I am taking my thesaurus with me.

My flesh is feeling a little bit ripe. Yes, today was day # 2 of my tanning sessions. Once I get that base tan back, then this slight discomfort I am feeling will go to the way side. I decided to start tanning again, because I looked at my "white boy" thigh's when I worked out, and felt discraced by them. I will put an end to their whiteness. Ohh yes!!! BE GONE WHITENESS!!!

Love you readers!!!! I really do. :-)

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Sharon W said...

What is the schedule? :)