Saturday, November 29, 2008

mobile YUMness

ohhh mobile blogging, how i do love thee. You tuck me in late at night and love me tenderly. You soothe me with the tender grasp of you unfailing love, and with me not will I outlast the caress of your butter cup..... I have no idea what i'm saying, blogging rocks when i'm too tired to power up the ole lap top. I finished a 6 page paper today about Office Space, then worked out @ the YMCA, then stepped out on a limb & called my friend Ryan and hung out with Ryan & Tom who are fellow Young Life people as well as my friend Zach. If you ~~CLICK THIS LINK~~ you will see who I am talking about. Then on my way home I stopped by my sister Brandy's house and watched a little T.V. and played some Grand Theft Auto 4. Twas a good day. :-)


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Jaquelin said...

I like your blog :)