Saturday, November 22, 2008

write write write

I really like how my papers are going. I know that it is probably not a healthy, or even smart way of doing a project. BUT, I really work well under pressure. It isn't as if I am doing all the preparation and initial research right now, just the writing. I have had the first paper done for a while. I finished the second one early this morning. The third one is almost complete, and I already have all the topics and research material for the fourth one. I am going to visit the Writing Center to get some help on some gray areas of how exactly I cite specific parenthetical citations of a quote within a quote. I tried looking it up in my English book, on the internet, and even in the library, but none could give me a straight answer. So, to the WRITING CENTER I WILL GO!! I wrote and wrote at home for quite some time, but my parents were planning a big party tonight, and I knew it would not be a peaceful environment to write, so I came to the library, worked there till 5:30--when they closed, and now I am finishing up at the 24 hour student lab. It is currently 8:19PM and I am about to go home because I am exhausted. My brain is turning to mush, and I need it to work good tomorrow for the final PUSH!! So I will retire early, and get good sleep tonight. Here are some pictures from the evening.

This picture was taken while I was on top of the parking
garage doing my Bible study.Yep, there is the Bible Study. Nice and cozy in my little
car upon the parking garage. It is such a nice place to
do a Bible study, because I can look out over Fort Wayne
and see all the cars bustle about, while I sit with God and
contemplate his will for me.
And, last but not least here is my little study table area. I have accumulated many papers in this push towards completion. It's very rewarding, but I will be happy when the stress of a looming date is in the fore front of my thoughts.

I'm out like Sour Kraut.


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