Monday, November 10, 2008

miraculous mondays...not really

I laughed so hard, I just have to share.

In case you can not view YouTube videos from where you are working or for whatever reason, you can watch the same video from a different media source by ~CLICKING HERE.~

I have bad news to share, my brother Troy (~CLICK HERE~ to see Troy) was putting up a tree stand in preparation for a night of hunting that was suppose to take place today I believe. Well, he fell and there is a story behind it, but the jist of it is this, he landed on his ankle really, really, really, really bad and when he looked down at his ankle, his leg was straight forward, and his foot was pointing to the left/right. He is in the hospital today, and that is no good. He needs prayer, prayer that everything will work out with work, and that he will be able to get on dissability, and just all the stuff that will be involved with this situation.
I had a great BSF today. A great day. Awesome start to my week. :-)

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