Sunday, November 16, 2008

Now today, today was the crazy day!!

The day started off by me sleeping in pretty late on my Sunday. When I awoke, I found that my father had gone out and gotten some Plexiglas's for my window that had been smashed to smithereens (ity bity pieces). I explained this on yesterday's post at the very bottom. Well, my dad hooked me up by going and buying this thing for me. Check it out.There are still little pieces of glass down in areas that I can't reach in the middle of my door. No matter though, It is keeping me warm, and that is all that matters. Well, once I got up and around to doing stuff, I went straight to DAVE CHURCH!!! I did this because I knew that my friend Richard was back with new teeth, and I was super excited to see them. CHECK OUT THESE NEW FLOSSIES!!Ohhh boy did the whole experience go perfectly. Richard really experienced God in everything. From the flight there, to how he viewed and was treated by people. When he talked about his experience, he just radiated God out of every part of his body. IT WAS AWESOME!!

Well, as soon as Dave church got over, I went to school to work on my paper. Worked and worked and worked is what I did. When it got to 11PM, I had to leave the library.....but something told me it was not time to go home yet. I drove to the top of the parking garage..which I do often when I want to do my Bible study. And, when I finished that, something told me to go to the gas station I went to a while back that I was afraid to talk to specific guys at. In fact ~~THIS LINK~~ will take you to the post where I felt that I "failed" by talking about Jesus. Well, this time was different. I had a heart for Jesus. It was so cool. I got some hot coa coa, and posted outside and waited.I talked to every person who went in, and then came out. I asked people how they were, and if I could talk with them for a minute. For some people, I just asked if they needed prayer for any parts of their life. Some people blew me off, and stated quite clearly, "naw man, I don't need that shit." Others stopped, and said with a heavy heart, yes, and explained what.
  • Brian would like prayer for himself & family
  • Lady in the red car who thought I was a Jehovah's witness
  • Dominique (male), and his son Quinden & daughter Tanasia
  • There was man who told me about his mother Deborah who recently had a stroke, and his two children Demontru & Algemeitra
Then of course, there was Dennis (store clerk). We had probably 1.5 hours of good conversation. He is amazingly smart. Like astrophysics smart, and it shows. He believes Jesus was a real dude, but Son of God.....nawwww. I had fun loving him, and I don't think this will be the last time I will see him.Good ole Dennis. I really had fun talking with him.

Okay, so I am so full of the Spirit, I am about to explode! I am kind of hungry as I drive home at ohhh 1:45AM, so I stop at a Walgreen's to get some Cheetos. I talk to the lady pictured above. Her name was Jamie. I zoomed in on the picture on my phone and remembered it. Well, this was really a God ordained moment. Because we got to talking about how it is so essential to obey God when he tells you to do something. She told me this story of when she obeyed God. WOW!!!! It was amazing and quite powerful. I was on FIRE after I got to hold hands with her and left that store. Literally laughing for joy as I drove home, just totally pumped for God. It was a beautiful thing. :-)

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