Sunday, November 09, 2008

it's not going to be an interesting Post

I somehow left my home without my phone. I shouldn't say "somehow," because I know exactly how it happened. I was wearing my really nice black pea coat to church this morning when I took Matt to Grace Gathering, but when I got home after taking him on some errands, I decided it was time to get back tot he basics....or not as nice of a coat, and I totally left my cell in the pocket of ole~blacky (pea coat). I left my house and went to school, where I wrote for a bit, and talked to my English Prof.

I am really starting to get into this paper about loving yourself, because the more I write about it, the more I realize I am becoming it. The desire of my heart is to love as Christ loved. I am no where close to Christ, but I am living out a life, attempting to identify with the actions and lessons he taught by example. Beautiful thing.

I had a Young Life meeting with our area's leaders, and it went pretty well. Nothing "break through" by any means, but it is always good when we get together. It is 9:28PM and I am calling it quits for the night. I am at the library, but as soon as I click POST, I am going home and straight to bed. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.oo!


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