Thursday, November 06, 2008

locked OUT

I have two classes on Tues & Thurs, well my philosophy class brought some interesting conversation. It was really pretty cool how it all came about. Ya see, we are currently discussing a guy (famous philosopher) who is an existential atheist. To broaden your understanding of what existential means, I found wikipedia to actually be quite helpful. Anyways, we got into the whole debate on Free Will & how this philosopher says very bluntly, you can't have God & Free Will. I kept explaining that you absolutely, and that it makes the foundation for God. It was really pretty awesome how it happened. I got to share my faith, and did not feel shunned or anything of the sort. There were those who shot down my way of thinking, but I was not defensive, I was okay with it, and continued to intelligently approach my views. My prof does not agree with me one little bit, in fact, it would be safe to say he probably thinks I am lacking in many ways of basic intelligence. BUT, he has never felt the peace that passes understanding. I kind of offended this guy named Avi. Avi is a practicing Orthadox Jew, and with my statement of faith, it a round about sort of way, condem him. I say that carefully, because God never condems anyone. There is always an opportunity for change. But, by saying to an Orthadox Jew, you must accept that Jesus Christ was both fully God and fully man to inherit the kingdom of heaven, you a way, condeming him/her. When class was over, I waited for him, and we both walked a bit to discuss the matter further. Much respect for him, and I believe that goes both ways.

When class got over, and I was ready to go home to eat lunch........I WAS LOCKED OUT OF MY CAR!!!Yes, it is a horrible feeling to walk up to your car and frantically search yourself for car keys that aren't there. As you approach your vehicle, you hope and hope and hope that you just accidently placed them down while in the bathroom, or maybe dropped them when exiting the class room. You are thinking that anything would be better than locking them in your car. When all other possibilities are exhausted, you reluctantly approach your car..............there they are. Right in the ignition where you left them. As Homer Simpson would say, "DO'OH!!!"

So, I called around and found that help was not going to be contacted by phone, well not without really putting someone out. So, I started walking. I started to walk to my friend Josh, who works near by. I have frequented his work while on my way home from school on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I see him in his car on lunch break. I tried calling him, but he didn't pick up. So, I didn't really have any other option, so I just started walking over there. When I did, I roamed his building a bit, which is right across the busy street by my College. And I called him again, he picked up this time, and I told him my situation, and asked if I could borrow his car for a bit while I went home to get my spare key. He agreed, and saved my butt. I put $10 in his gas tank, and all was well with the key world. I was so thankful for him today.

Something amazing happened too. My friend Jama is getting back today. WOWZERS!!! It was so crazy how God worked that situation out too. Our last phone conversation & letter happened about 2 months ago. I have been meaning ever since to write her back. But sometimes I am so darn stupid with my priorities that I just kept putting it off, and putting it off. Jama has been at a place called Mercy Ministries which is in Nashville, TN. Boy oh boy did a lot of prayers and "GOD WORK" go into getting her there. But she went, and has been there for many months. I just so happened to take the time to write her a letter. I was doing it in the 45 spare minutes I had before I had to go back to work. As soon as I was done writing it, I gave Jama's mom a call to see when she was scheduled to come back. I knew it was sometime soon, but whether it was next month or what I had no clue. I called her mom, and when her mom...or so I thought called me back, IT WAS JAMA!! She was calling from her moms phone, on the road, driving back with her mum from Nashville!! I just so happened to call her mom, on the day that Jama was coming home. Coming home from her 4-6 month stretch in Nashville at Mercy. Hummm, ironic or God ordaned..... I will go with the later of the two. :-)

I went to a seminar tonight that BSF had about preaching the gospel. It was awesome, and I am super duper tired.


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