Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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I can't believe it happened again, but it totally happened again. I was at school in one of the computer labs that I don't usually go to, and I completely without a doubt had dejas vous. I want to know how this happens. If anyone can offer insight into this extrodinary event, I would greatly appreciate it and probably sleep a little better at night.I was sitting next to my friend Sharon (girl in the red), when I was typing in the google search bar, "The Golden Rule" and she was talking on the phone. Just liket that.....BAM!!! I felt as though I had been in that situation before, whether it was from a dream or what, I could not tell you. But this keeps happening to me. IT IS SO STRANGE!!

Young Life was awesome tonight. The kids had tons of energy....probably not as much as me, but who could top that amount anyways.This is a picture of Ashley Vongunten giving the "talk" tonight. She did an awesome job. The kids were super focused on what she was saying, and she said it with such confidence. It was over Jesus and the samaritin woman at the well. It was just another insight into the life of Jesus. She did wonderfully, and I think the kids pulled a lot from it. I was totally fixated on what she was saying. It sure is cram packed in there though.

When Young Life was over, I did something that was kind of out of character for me. I needed to just get away from people for a bit. I don't know why exactly, but I just felt I needed to. So...I went to the movies. I went to go see Max Payne at Rave Motion Pictures in Jefferson Pointe. I had some good talks with some of the workers there, and it was really good. The movie....THE MOVIE WAS AMAZING!!It really did the video game justice. Yes, this movie is based off a video game I use to play when I was in high school, so I really appreciated a lot of things in it that you wouldn't be able to fully appreciate if you had not played the video game. Like the slow motion bullit scene. Yea, I was all over that scene. I felt special. :-)Did I mention that I went to go see this movie alone? It was good too. I just needed to get away for a bit I suppose. And I say, "need" very lightly. I just wanted too I suppose.


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Megan said...

i've gone to movies by myself before. I wanted to see that movie but I'll probably have to wait.