Saturday, November 01, 2008


It happened, a rarity I know, but it does happen. I forgot to BLOG. I fell asleep on the couch, the very comfortable and lovely couch and passed out. I was so tired, nothing was stopping it. I woke up at about 12:00AM and moved myself to my bed.

So at work...YESTERDAY, we had a Halloween party. It went really good and the kids really had a blast and dressed up in all their candy outfits.As you can probably see, I was working the prize table. They could do a pumpkin toss, a pin the nose on the pumpkin, or a pumpkin bowling game (notice the pumpkin theme?). I know they had a lot of fun.I was a footballer. It was fun, and simple. I wish I had more time to devote to coming up with a really awesome and unique costume.......but I don't.Here is dear little Mimi. She is the daughter of the site director Andrea. A cutie to say the least.

When I left, I was tired, and restless. I went to the YMCA to get my work out on, and after a little sauna time and a shower I left. The first person I called on my Friday was my friend Ryan (fellow Young Life leader). He and some other guys went to a campus ministry dance, but said it was super duper lame. They left and were gonna go get some food some where. I don't like wasting money on food if I don't have to. SO, I called my mom to see what she was doing. She was at a dinner/party with friends. They were eating fish that a hand full of them caught while on their Alaska vacation. I wish I had people in my life that were close to me that I could call and hang out with, but my parents are pretty cool, and so are their friends. So, I went there and got some free fish.The men were in a different room, but I ate and talked with the women. They are a bit more "social," and of course, are more interested in hearing about what is going on in my life. :-)

I need friends my age, but this will do.

Okay, I am at my school, getting ready to type on my paper. It is like 12:00PM, and at 5:30 I will be leaving to take my BEST friend Jared out to dinner for his B-Day. It will be super fun.

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