Wednesday, November 05, 2008

these halls were made for loving

I was in awe after I left Snider (school I do contact work in for Young Life) today. Left and right kids were just opening their souls up to me and allowing me to not only poke and prod into territory that is typically forbidden, but were loving and willing enough to allow me to gently provide insight and words of comfort. Now I was not providing answers and a guide to end all pain, just served as a caring individual who wants to genuinely take an interest in their lives. It's a beautiful thing when this all comes into focus and things make sense. It is a beautiful thing when you pray and pray for specific individuals to be impacted in a way, and then see God not only impact in the way you specifically prayed for, but to see God go way beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Tonight at Young Life, we played this crazy game. We took a 26' intertube, and made it do things you wouldn't think possible of a 26' bike intertube. It was controlled chaos at it's best.
After the craziness of the games and fun singing and what not. I gave the talk tonight. I gave a talk over the story in Matthew 19:13-15. I started off by sharing a story of when I was a little kid, and some of the insane crazy antics I was up to. I used a couple of pictures of me when I was a young buck to kind of set the tone for who little kids are and how they can act, both good and CRAZY!! Here are the two pictures of "little mikey" I used.I was an adorable little kid. Seriously, just look at that curly hair and that look, it just makes you wanna say "awwww." Well, the kids loved it anyways. The way I went with this was that Jesus was not this guy who only choose to be with the uppity high class society, he wanted to be with the smalls of society. He wanted to be with the children of the world, and even went so far as to say that the kingdom belongs to children such as these. WOW! We are painting this on going picture of, "who is this Jesus guy?" He hangs out with prostitutes, tax-collectors, nobody's, children, degenerates of society. He loves on them and just spreads the Good Word. It is such a powerful and amazingly sweet thing to see and be a part of. What a privdlage for me to be able to impact the lives of young people. It is needed so badly, there is so much pain and grief walking through the halls of Snider. If I just let all my true emotions out when I walk in those halls, and didn't try to be a quote, unquote, "STRONG FIGURE." I would just well up in tears constantly over what some of these kids are going through. WOW!! God is sooo GOOD!!

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