Sunday, November 02, 2008

Glory, Glory, Halluliah!!

Today was awesome! I promised my Young Life buddy, Vantrell, some time ago that I would come and check out his church. He just recently got involved with the Chior, and is real proud of it. So, this morning I got myself around and drove down town to Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. If I could sum the 2 1/2 hour service up, this is what my notes have to say.

Psalms 121:1-2 When times are rough, tough, and seemingly impossible, where do I turn my eyes?
  • God's plans are bigger than what I can understand, but it doesn't mean I shouldn't keep on looking towards Him always.
  • People are always looking towards someone when in time of need. I must keep my eyes fixed on Christ, the only one worth looking at.
Isaiah 54:17 doesn't say anything about weapons not being forged, it says they are gonna keep being forged (loss of jobs, money, friends, loved ones, sadness, Flesh rising up) but that they WILL NOT PREVAIL against you. Ohhh boy what words of comfort to keep holding fast to the only Rock worth standing on. LOVE IT!!

I was the only white person in that church today. But let me tell you, I felt right at home because the pastor was preaching the word, and I was loving it. All 2.5 hours of it!! Vantrell was really happy that I came out to experience his church too. I was glad he was glad. :-)

After that, I had an appt at the library with a librarian to help me find some books for my paper.I got some helping on how to search for specific books based on key word searches. She helped me to utilize my search engines. It was good help, and I found two books relevant to the topics I needed. was off to find them. This was made extra hard because they are moving all the books in the library, all over the place. I found them eventually though.I really am not a huge fan of the dewy decimal system, but I suppose it is a good thing it is around. I am just glad there are librarians around to help me when I am unsuccessful, because I only found 1 our of 2 books. :-)

I was so tired, I passed out on the couch when I got home and almost forgot about Dave church. ALMOST, but didn't.

In Dave Church, we talked about how vastly important it is to surrender and praise God when you are being slain. Just like Job said, "even though you slay me, I shall trust you." WOW!! That is what you have to want to attain to, I JUST HAVE TO!!

please say a prayer for my friend Richard. Richard is leaving for an adventure in Christ to go down to Florida tomorrow to get new teeth. It is a long and amazing story, but the fact of the matter is he needs prayer. Please say a prayer for his safety, and that he is able to abound in TRUSTING THE LORD for EVERYTHING!!


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