Saturday, November 08, 2008

wedding and writing

Today I had the opportunity to go to my friend Sean's wedding. He married his sweetheart of a gal, Kim, and he was just GLOWING. This is a wedding I will make a mental note of when I think of what I would like mine to look like. Two individuals strongly seeking Christ in all they do, committed to each other, love just SPEWING out of their every action, and just a neat presentation.
It was just super pretty and all perfectly done up. My mom would say that it was a very, "classy" wedding. And it really was! I did not attend the reception due to the fact that I intended to continue on in writing my English paper first thing today. I managed to procrastinate this objective by telling myself that I "deserved" to lay on the couch and watch T.V. before the wedding & that I really "needed" to go work out at the YMCA before the wedding. BAH!! I just didn't want to get my but in the computer lab. However, when the wedding was over, I went home, changed clothes, and went to the 24/7 computer lab.I am currently BLOGGING from the 24/7 computer lab as well. I just snapped the above picture to show you the position I have been in since, ohhh 5:00PM. If you take note at the clock on the wall right above my left shoulder, you will see that it is nearly 1:00AM. By my calculations, that is 7 hours of typing, but I can assure you, I am extremely happy with what I have accomplished.

Holy crap, I am going home, and to bed now.


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