Thursday, November 20, 2008

God fixed my window today

Well, first things first. I studied my butt off all morning for this test in OLS. Well, maybe "crammed" is more of an appropriate word to explain my study habit today. I actually went in right after work to "study" but fell asleep on a couch in a dark warm area of the Student Union building. The couch looked much like this one.Once I was forced into study mode, I did a good job, and felt thoroughly prepared. I had been taking notes all along in class, so it isn't like I was unprepared. Just not diligently staying up on reading and such. I think I probably got an A.

I also got my car window fixed today.Yes, Mikey Roy from my Bible study fixed me up right and good. I am so happy to have a working window again. :-)
You can see it is in the family of Mikey Roy, but the whole Chevy Mendenhall-Roy Body Shop. Boy, I sure am appreciative of it.

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