Tuesday, November 25, 2008

gonna take me a bit of a break

Okay, there is no English paper to write, there is no school related mountain to climb....so when I get out of work tomorrow...I might just come back home and go to sleep. YEP, you heard it. I am gonna sleepy.

I actually had time to go and talk to a lady about beads today after I got out of work. I talked to her about if she needs anyone to make beads for her(talking about my friend Tony). I took some pictures of some really amazing beads that she has for sale. They look AMAZING!! Tony was impressed.Go TONY GO!!

Tony and I also discussed a ski/snow board trip that is coming up on the 12th of December. It is going to be a lot of fun!!! I can't wait to take pictures and share that exciting adventure. We (like 7 people) are going to stay at my friends house. His name is Garry, and he has a cabin up in Michigan. FUN!!! I am super tired, SLEEPY TIME!!

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