Friday, November 14, 2008

my day today was kind of weak

This morning, I got a picture of some kids at YMCA (childcare) playing and having a good time. It just seemed like a good picture to take. So, I too, it. Kids are so friggin cute. After work I of course went to school. English class was good because I got to see Tom. Then, one of the guys in my English class wanted to interview me on a subject I could help him on. I can't say what the subject is, because it might not jive well with some of the people who are connected to this BLOG, but it was a good subject that I could offer some insight to.I planned on getting a lot of work done today. Alas, I did not. So, I wondered around my day without getting anything accomplished. I did, however, eat some really good pizza with my dad. The pizza was great, the fact that I was with my dad to enjoy it was even greater. We got to see the shuttle blast off into space. And I learned that the shuttle reaches speeds of 16,500MPH!! That is crazy fast!!!This is what my dad and I call, "thick or 'gooey'" pizza. And it is just that. THICK & GOOEY!!! I am going to go to bed. Tomorrow is Saturday, but because of my laziness, I am going to take my cousin to work (which he has to be there at 7:00) and then I am going straight to the 24/7 computer lab to get my butt working on my ENGLISH paper. I plan on getting a lot done tomorrow. Budda Bing, Budda BOOM!!


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