Monday, January 26, 2009

the oil change

Well, I needed to do some routine maintenance on my runner (vehicle). Yes, she needed an oil change. Pretty simple right? I mean for a guy (being stereotypical) it is no big deal to drain the oil, slap on a new filter, and then fill yur car back up with mechanical life blood (motor oil). Any schmo should be able to do it lickety split.......or so one might think. I went to Autozone and got 5 quarts of oil + a filter for $12.99, I was like, "dang that's a good deal!" In my dazed and confused excitment, I suppose I may have forgotten that I suck at anything [car]. The pictures below speak for themselves, I will just give a bit of caption.It all started by me thinking I could take two empty water jugs and cut the tops off and be able to use them to hold the oil. This was stupid, because how does 3/4 of a 2 gallon jug hold almost 5 quarts of oil???? Common Mikey, that was problem #1!Problem # 2 happened when I thought I could just pour the old oil into containers. I thought that it would pour nicely from a jagged and extremely uneven container. IT DID NOT!!I don't know if there was any more problems after 2, but It was a huge friggin mess. I was able to laugh the whole time though. And I think that shows a bit of my personality. I just don't take myself too serious.....thank goodness. I made a huge mess, and probably spent more time cleaning it up than I did actually changing the oil. BUT, that is okay. Well, maybe not. If I would have spent like $8 more bucks, then I could have had it done professionally, and no mess. Live and learn I suppose.

Bible Study (BSF) was good, God demands, but never forces his people to be Holy and set apart. I am striving for separation from the rest of the world. I am far from perfect, and always will be. But, by the Grace of God, I will continue to attain for much higher standards. I sure do love God, but not oil changes. At least not when I am changing um. :~)



Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I was there!!! It was fun to see your oilage Let me know the next time and I'll help!!!
Love Dave Pelz

jams = free+love said...

egad man ... what a mess! although I have found that everytime learn something i make a flippin mess ... so it's all good.