Monday, January 19, 2009

CAR blues or oranges...

I went to Auburn once on Thursday to drop off my sisters car. Then again on Friday to bring it back. We took it to a trusted mechanic who ended up telling us that the catalytic converter was shot, and when he called the Chevy dealership to order a new one (which happens to be a California model, more expen$ive) and the lady on the phone told him that it was covered for 80,000 miles/5 years. Well, this was good news!!! We took it to the dealership, the tried and tried, but told my father and I that they could not get it to register on their machine. Hummmmm, the car had 79,765 miles on it when it left on Friday. They told us to give it back to my sister and let her drive it till the check engine light came back on. BUT wait a minute. Our trusted mechanic told us that the converter was all melted and totally messed up. Wasn't that reason enough? NOPE. So, back to the drive. The car came home Friday night, and my sister drove it that evening.....THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT CAME BACK ON!! Grrrr, but at the same time HORRAY!! My dad and I took it up there again this morning, and then picked it up this afternoon. I am really tired of driving up to, and back from Auburn. FOR REAL!The orange cavalier is my sisters car. And i'm just glad it got fixed for free. On Friday, when we went in I got a little bit short with one of the mechanic's. He was very rude and almost intimidating to me, but I still didn't have any reason to speak sarcastically to him. Sometimes sarcasm takes the place of anger for me. When my dad and I were dropping the car off, I apologized to him for being short/deliberately difficult with him. He looked surprised, but told me it was not necessary. We ended up not getting charged the $80 that they charge, even when a car is under warranty. I don't know if that has anything to do with the money. But, I don't know that it doesn't. Not saying that is why you should make things right with people or God. But.....well, i'm just sharing my life. That is what I do. I did remind myself quickly though on Friday, that God is in control of my sisters car. Even when it looks bad, that I just need to TRUST in him...and I did. That's not to say it will always turn out rosey posey, but that should not deminish my levels of trust either. God's plan does not equal Mikey's plan. THANK GOODNESS!!

That is what I have been studying all week. Let me tell you. I never thought I would be applying Truth's and Insight into my daily life from Leviticus. But I totally am, and realizing that I must take more concern with the specific things that make God HOLY. And, the things in which I must be a part of to create God's holiness in my life. My friend Liliana put it in a very neat way, "That is awesome when places U dont expect or underestimate reveal God to you (text message)." TRUE THAT Lili!!

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