Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the day of sorrows

(EARLY 10:08 posting)
School started back up today and I got let out of my class a bit early. Traffic was INSANE, with the nasty weather and the fact that it is the 2nd day of IPFW's semester, traffic is all bunched up all over the place. It is always like this at the beginning of the semester though. The class I had this morning was Mass Comm-250. The prof seems pretty neat, but it appears as though I will have to really start getting into some news outlet. This is going to be a big change for me because I always put an effort to stay out of the news as much as possible. I wonder how it will change my BLOG. Ya know, if I am impacted by world events...which I could very well be, then I would think it would be on my mind. I dunno, we'll see.

This morning, when I woke up, I woke up to some devestating news for my friend Mike (lives in Arizona). ~CLICK HERE~ to see a picture of Mike. He is at the bottom of that post, and I think it tells a little bit about him. Anyways, I woke up and there was a text message from Mike on my phone this morning. I checked it, and it just briefly said, "So Kait (his girl friend) just broke up with me and moving back to Mich." As soon as my alarm went off, I texted him back and then he called me right away. He probably had not slept a wink, and I could tell how disturbed he was just from his voice. He went sking up in Flagstaff for a little while with a friend, and when he got back home, Kaitylin had all her things packed and told him she was leaving. She had the house cleaned and they talked for a few hours, and she sait it was over. They have been together for 3 years, and Mike was explaining to me that it came out of no where. They had been getting along, and he just had no clue there was anything wrong. We talked for a while, and I was really starting to feel so horrible for him. Mostly I was feeling horrible because of the fact that I could not do anything for him to ease his pain. Nothing but pray. It is a horrible thing that has happened, and I know he is in a lot of pain. Please pray with me for Mike and Kaitlyn. I don't know the whole story, and it doesn't matter. They are both obviously in a lot of pain, and I want the best for my friend.
I have a very important prayer request. First I will tell you how it came to my attention. I got let out of my evening class early today. It is my Elements of Law class for my minor in OLS (Organizational Leadership & Supervision). The class is going to be really hard, but that is okay. I was driving home and noticed I had a voice mail. I listened to it, and was kind of shocked. It was one of my mom's best friends. She said that she had heard through the grape vine that my dad went home early and took my mom to the Emergency Room...... I was like, "What in the heck?!?!" I quickly called the house. Turns out my mom has been having chest pains, but never told me. Today, she was having trouble getting her breath, and was blacking out. My dad left work and took her to the ER. They did a bunch of tests on her, and will do a super important one on Friday. PLEASE PRAY that she will be okay and that the tests will all come back with good results. Pray that this was just a fluke, and that questions are answered. It shook me up though. BUT, God is in control, and that I believe in more than anything.

Here is a picture of some deer that were enjoying the bird feeder today. They are pretty animals.


Gracie said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend and your mom. I will definitely keep your mom in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Man,
I'm praying right now!!
Should I visit and pray?
Please tell me how I can help.
Dave Pelz