Monday, January 05, 2009

good news followed by struggle

I forgot to post my grades for my most recent SEMESTER.

Fall 2008
CRN Subject Course Course Title Final
11411 ENG W233 Intermed Expos Writing A
11694 OLS 252 Human Relatn In Organz A
13249 PHIL 111 Ethics A

Ain't they beautiful? :o)

Okay, so back to the grind of my "normal" schedule with 5:22AM start times in the morning and having to be at Lincoln Elementary by 6:30. This is a good thing for me because I really do like being in a schedule. Ya see, if I don't have to get up, it is really hard to push myself to get up. So, the fact that I have a job that forces me to wake up early, well it gets me in a sweet routine and things just seem to work better. Although the break was nice little....well break, it just gave me a little too much freedom to be a lazy bum.

Also, BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) started up again today. It was nice to be back in the group setting and sharing and hearing other men share about what they are finding in the word. Not only what they are finding, but how they are applying it to their lives. LOVE IT!!

It can be seen that my cousin Matt is making decisions that go against his previously stated goals (Keep job, stay in church, stay away from drugs). It is hard for me to watch because I all too often forget that I was in his same exact shoes. Prayer and careful consideration will come. I must soften my heart to Matt, and continually try to view him the way Christ would. Patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, love, and joy. I must approach him with these in mind.


Megan said...

awesome grades mike! good job! I will praying for you and your cousin and hope that he makes the right decisions in his life.

rileydster said...


Great work and grades.

BTW, I tried the Vicks on my feet thing and it does minimally soften your feet. It may have helped me sleep better too. I also plastered it on chest, my neck, and under my nose.

Take care, keep up the good grades and get well.