Wednesday, January 28, 2009

more snow & a little exam

Today I woke up at 5:22 like I always do on a weekday. This day was different though. I was super tired even though I fell asleep at 9:45PM. I needed more sleep. So, I kept hitting the snooze. I had hit it 2 times, and was going for the third when I suddenly got a text message. SCHOOL WAS CANCELED!!!! Ohh I was happy that I got to sleep in more, but kind of bummed that I didn't get to get any money. Well, work or no work, I still had a UROLOGY appointment to be at come 9:15AM. Well, I was a little late. But I made it. Now, I have been having some issues with peeing for a while. They are of course M/S related, but not a super big deal, so I have been putting this appointment off for quite some time now. Then, a different "issue" (also m/s & [otherwise] related) came up, so I just followed through with it. As I was in the exam room with a really cool doctor, I was informed that it would be in my best interest to do a prostate exam.....after I was informed of that information, my face looked something like this.Yes, I was not exactly excited to hear that news. But, this guy did not look like a creeper, and so I agreed. Now I know what "older" men speak of when they refer to this type of examination. It was not pleasent by any means, but not as horrifying as I have depicted it to be in my mental considerations of the past.This is the exam bed where it all took place. I took this picture to commerate the day that I had MY FIRST PROSTATE EXAM. Something sweet came out of the deal though. I got my question answered, and turns out it was almost exactly what I thought it would be. That is the good news. The awesome news came after the doc. asked about my health history. I had an opportunity to explain to him how my M/S came about, and some of the difficulties associated with it. When we were talking about possible medication I could take at a future time, I mentioned this to him, "well, I am not worried in the least at any of the outcomes, God is in control, and I am at perfect peace with that." I had a chance to tell him about a guy I talked to from Arizona on Monday who I met through my web-site, who calls me occasionally because he needs support and someone to know what he is going through. I told the doctor I am always there for people who need someone to listen, and possibly some words of encouragement. The Doc. told me this, "Ya know, it is really good to hear that from you. You are {a something something} "I forget exact words," but then he told me that I made his day. He said he was extremely glad that he had met me, and shook my hand. It made my day that I made his day. That is a beautiful thing right there I tell you what.

When I was finished with the exam, my mom called. She wanted me to clear the driveway. I said, "sure thing" and headed home. As I was about to put on some boots and get to work. A lady from work called and said she needed me to come into work. When school cancels, there is one location that still has childcare. I got to work from 12:15-6PM. I actually got more hours than I would on a regular day. THAT WAS AWESOME!!!This was a picture of me driving to work. SNOW SNOW SNOW. God is so good, I am always taken by how good God is. Even when life sucks, God is so good. A good God is what I have.

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