Thursday, January 08, 2009

sleepy time

Okay so I am going through a sickness, but it is not too bad; runny nose, a cough that get's kind of nasty at night, sort of achy muscles, and a bit of a sore throat. BUT, that does not stop me from doing what must be done. Ohh no, not for a moment. I went to work and enjoyed the little children.Get up early and enjoy those kids, that's my motto!! And enjoy them I do. I love little kids so much, they bring much joy to me. They got an extra treat today too. The one, the only (not the only actually), Ronald McDonald!!!!! The kids really loved him, they thought he was something special. Although his jokes and magic tricks were mediocre at best, I did enjoy his enthusiasm very much. When got done with work in the P.M. I drove straight to Leo (the high school I went to) and did the announcing for a gymnastics meet. Michelle, who is the head coach and my friend asked me to do it. I helped coach last year, and was offered a position this year. I had to decline because I will be going to school full time, working, doing Young Life, and my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). I just could not tag on another time consuiming activity and try to manage my health properly. BUT, because school has not started yet and I was able to do it, I went and announced for the meet. It was a lot of fun, and I got to see many friendly faces. This is Lori, she has coached with Leo for several years and she decided not to get involved this year as well. Different reasons of course. The meet was fun....long...but fun. Keeping scores, smiling, and talking about the girls with Lori was the name of my game.

When I was done with the meet, I went over to my friend Britt's house. She finished watching her Gray's Anatomy, and then we chatted. Britt will be going back to Ball State University soon, and will shortly finish up her nursing requirements. And that is how I spent my day. God is good, super duper good.

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