Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's my day alright!!

The day started off slow. I meant to wake up and go to a church that I was invited to go to, but I stayed up way way to late, and felt it was in my best interest to sleep in and catch up on my zzZZ's. When I did get going, I went to the school library, and finished my BSF study for the week. It was pretty much the only thing I enjoyed studying today. Yes, for soon after I left Leviticus, I entered into a world of confusing and boring words that plagued me for hours. I'm not gonna lie, I do not like studying this stuff at all. BUT, when I took my online quiz for the class and chapter I aced it! WHOOP WHOOP for me huh? Time passed, and eventually I left to go to a baby dedication. The Young Life area director Josh along with his wife Ashley dedicated their youngest girl. Also, Sam and his wife Jessica dedicated their little girl. Sam and Ashley are Young Life volunteers. Jessica is also Josh's sister. ALSO, they are neighbors. Isn't that special? It was real nice, and little girls are super cute. Today I was reminded how single I am.


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