Monday, January 28, 2008

I liked today very much so.

In regards to a recent comment, I have been left deep in thought. I had to make sure that uploading personal Ring Tones was 100% legal. I called Verizon Tech Support and spoke with Barb. I specifically told her about my situation and even had her make note in my personal info file that I called. She explained to me that it is not illegal, and the only thing Verizon Wireless had to say in light of it is that if anything were to happen to my phone resulting from ringtones or media content privately uploaded it would not be covered by any warrenty from the phone or service provider. I already understood, so I am now fully confident that uploading personal ringtones to my phone is not illegal.
Had a great Bible study, I really love it when the word jumps out at me telling me or reminding me exactly of what I need to be doing or saying. It is just so encouraging to know I am on the right track. It's so good. I had a really good day at work today, I helped paint the stage at Pathway. There was some crazy chemical reactions coming off that floor. Wow, the fumes were intense! I was getting a little bit giggley. We had to put down this liquid sand paper, that took a layer of paint off, then we put a black dull finish that dryed flat. That way there wasn't a glare coming off the floor up at the musicians or speakers. It dryed really nicely and I had a good time with my friend/fellow worker Jim.

When I got done at work I went to gymnastics practice. WE(the coaches) had a talk with the girls in regards to their performance and attitude issues at the last meet, and then we had a really great practice. It's a good thing. Good Good Good. Then I got home and went to Office Depot and got a day by day callendar to take with me so I can keep track of all my dates and things. I really needed that because I am the kind of forget. I also went to IPFW before I went to work and found out when I need to come in for tutoring for STAT class. I will be stopping in on Thursday, and if I don't feel comfortable then I will be making an individual appointment.

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