Tuesday, January 01, 2008

jehovah nissi

The snow continued to fall all night last evening and all day today. It was just kind of a slight sprinkling of snow, but there was a killer wind. I gave me a good excuse to get all bundled up and go and scrap the snow off of the drive way. I just wanted to go out and play in the snow a bit, and it provided me with the perfect excuse. "clear the driveway, heh heh" When I was out there clearing the snow, it was dark and all I could hear was the wind whistling through all the tall pine trees that congest the neighborhood. I was in the zone, and so to give an idea what I was seeing, I took a picture of the driveway and tried to alter it as much as I could to give a good depiction of what I was seeing. You have to try to remember I was extremely bundled up; had a scarf on, with a hood, and a beanie. There was many layers, and my field of vision was kind of tunnel vision. It was really cool though, and because of the very low lighting & the fact that I was just in the zone, I really enjoyed the silence. Silence can be a really amazing thing. I use to absolutely hate silence and being alone. At times, I find myself craving the stillness.

I heard from some amazing people today, and am excited for tomorrow.

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