Monday, January 14, 2008


Today at work I did a lot of moving. We did the majority of it at the church office. As you can see above, we even got the women in on the action. Pathway has so many devoted workers, I have really come to see that first hand since I started working at the church. Those big white desks, among many others were the ones that tried to break my back. I got to take the truck & Trailer to Markle today. The trailer has a leak in it, so I had to take it to I-69 Trailer Center off exit 80 something. I love to drive anything. I especially love driving a decent sized truck, now add a formidable trailer and I am in heaven. I have to give myself some serious Kudos for this picture.Yeah, that picture says it all.

After work I hurried off to Gymnastics practice, and the girls were having a really good evening. But, I was happy to leave early. I had to leave early because I was invited to join in a Young Life committee meeting. It was good timing for me. Not for my day necessarily, but for my life and heart. It was so good for me to see the men and women who make Young Life possible in Fort Wayne. I got to share with them some of the things that I have been doing, and got a chance to share just a tiny tiny piece of my walk. I can start to remember faces now, and that is important to me.

The meeting was at the down town library, I looked like a hill billy, I haven't shaved for a while, I had work clothes on & I may have smelled. I hope I made a good impression on them, and even more important, I hope they understand a little bit better about where my heart is at.

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Kate and Beave said...

Mikey, you looked great, we didn't smell anything, and you were a joy and an inspiration to everyone in the room! love to you ...