Saturday, January 19, 2008

math, you make me feel stupid.

I had my Saturday morning math class today. It was awful and I know it is going to be a struggle that I am just going to have to overcome. I am going to take full advantage of the tutoring IPFW offers and hopefully any other that I can get. My body temperature was very high, I had tremors, and I just felt uneasy. It is so strange that a simple act of mathematics has such a strong effect, but that really is the definition of cognitive impairment or destruction. It's just strange. After class I went and got my new phone activated. I am going to be spending a lot of time at Verizon for the next couple of days. I have to get my VZW Navigator working properly. That is like a built in GPS system on my phone. I am now using the LG EnV! I have some pictures that were produces from it, they are a little bit higher quality than the Q.

The first thing to do on my agenda today was meeting with my friend Rachel Utesch! It was so great to get to talk with her and catch up on things. Thanks Rachel! She is really involved with the ministry at IPFW, and I wanted to see if she would be interested in helping me seek out college aged peeps that would be interested in Young Life. We'll see what comes of it. After I met with her, it was off to Daves house for Saturday night church. I really like Dave church, and it is exciting to see where it is going to go next. Literally, we are meeting at his home until something comes up, or maybe from now on. I am not going to go to Pathway tomorrow. I am going to start searching around for something that can better meet my needs. NOW, this does not mean I am not going to work for Pathway, because I am. We'll see what happens.
God bless friends.

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