Wednesday, January 02, 2008

ohh yes

Gymnastics practice was alright. I feel like some of the girls still don't totally understand why showing up for practice is so important. Actually, I don't think that some of the mom's completely understand. But, I suppose they will tomorrow when they see their daughter not compete in a meet. They'll get it then. It's a life lesson really.
(Picture of Lars & the Real Girl)

After practice I went home and got cleaned up. Then, me and my friend Holly went out to see the movie, "Lars and the Real Girl." It was amazing, and the supporting actor was a sex doll." Now, before you make any drastic opinions about the movie, you have to understand what it is about. It was about relationships, and inner seeking and understanding. It was about love at the potential of the human spirit. It was a great movie, and I am not ashamed to say I cried several times through out the picture.
I spoke with my best friend Jared earlier and he wanted me to come over after I dropped off Holly so that he could give me my birthday/Christmas present. It is so awesome and exactly what I asked for. He got me a smaller sized Bible with a leather case & my name inscribed onto it. I love it so much because it has the names of the books on the side of it and it is just perfect! I am excited to go to Bible study tomorrow to show it off!! :-)

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