Friday, January 04, 2008

Wisdom begins in wonder

Well, I went to IPFW and got my account set up. I am a registered student yet again. I also went to the disabilities office and had them fax all the necessary information to the Indiana Center for M/S. Once they get the fax, they should send back all the necessary information and get this rolling. I am pretty pumped to get my classes decided which I will be doing on Monday morning @ 9:00AM. I also sent in for a new phone today, I will be getting the LG Envy in 3-5 business days. This means I will have a better camera on my phone, and some cooler features that the Motorola Q just can't offer me.
(Motorola Q)
(LG Envy)

I am pretty pumped for the new phone, I ended up doing it with out spending a dime either. I pretty much "own" Verizon. ;-)

I got a lot of things accomplished today. The electric shaver I got for Christmas ended up not working so hot. I think my expectation for the thing is just way to high. SO, I decided it should probably get sent back cuz I knew I wasn't going to use it. I decided to take the cash. In hind sight, I am happy I made this decision because I got these babies!>>>>They were only $39.99! Me so happy.

So, in the evening I planned on visiting Reggie at his Tae Kwon Dao class. Now, I called his mom earlier to see what time he gets there and everything. She informed me that he works there, and then goes to class. Today, since he isn’t in school he worked from 12:30-5:30, then was suppose to go to his practice from 6-8:30. Well, I showed up at 6 and asked around for him. They told me that he left, and that he was really upset about something. They told me that he didn’t even talk to his instructor which is very unlike him. He had left about 25-30 minutes before I got there and it would probably take him about 45 minutes to walk home. I knew his route so I just started driving and looking for him. Luckily I found him, with his head down and walking very slowly on the side of the road in the wrong part of town. I pulled into a side street and rolled down the passenger side window, “hey Reggie, you want a ride?” He walked up to the car and realized who I was and brightened up momentarily. I could tell something was really wrong right away. He was down, and not talking. I asked if he was hungry, and he said he was a little hungry, so we headed off to find something to eat. In route he started to open up to me, and then spilled his guts. Earlier he went to a restaurant with a lady from his work. Long story short, he was waiting for the food to be made and was going through some of his drawings. He ended up leaving all of them at the eatery and didn’t find out till he got back to tae kwon dao practice place. That is why he had such an unusual attitude and why he didn’t go to class. SO, as soon as he told me this, I headed right towards the place he left them at. We walked in together and I pointed for him to go and ask the guy behind the counter. Reggie slowly explained the situation, and the guy squinted his eyes and then said, “ohh yes, here it is.” He told Reggie that he loved his drawing and that he enjoyed looking through them. Reggie was really taken by this, and his face lit up and glowed the rest of the night. I took him out to eat at King Gyros, and I had a great fish meal. We had some good conversations, and I really enjoyed spending time with him. I can tell he is starting to open up little by little. It was a great step forward.

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