Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My new phone rocks!

I totally found a way to hack this new phone I got. Now, I can put all the ringtones, music and videos that I want on it. It is a really good phone too, nice camera, great speakers and a GPS system that works better than I could have imagined. It is just as good as one you would purchase for your car. I have wireless Bluetooth headphones that can be utilized and would work really great. I LOVE THE PHONE! Yesterday I had a little mishap with my car. While I was trying to find a parking space at IPFW, I slid in the slippery snow and smacked up against the cement thingy and I am pretty darn sure it bent my right steering wheel. I am going to have to go in and get that checked out. The steering just feels funny now, kind of like the right steer tire is dragging a little bit or something.

I didn’t BLOG yesterday because I was so intensely exhausted. It is just go go go for me now. I know pushing myself is not the best for my MS, but as soon as gymnastics is over things will start to really calm down.

I love driving, and driving with a trailer is even better. It makes driving challenging, especially when there is really strong winds to compete with like there was today.

After I got done working it was right off to practice, like usual. The girls have another meet tomorrow against Elmhurst. We will do good. I made the decision not to go to Bible study this morning because I was just so tired, I knew it would disrupt the rest of my day and really kill my energy level.

I am really happy!

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