Thursday, January 03, 2008

this is the day that my Lord hath made

At lunch time I had a very encouraging and informative meeting with Tom & Josh from Young Life. We talked about life and what it has been offering us. We also talked about next symester of Young Life. Josh thinks that I am right where I need to be with the kids, and really boosted my confidence level by saying that I am a "natural" when it comes to talking with them. That is really great to hear, and it makes me stoked to know that he is right there with me.

The girls had their first meet today. I think it was a real eye opener for them. Hopefully they were a little embarrassed that only 2 of them competed. I hope they watched the routines of some of the other ladies from the different schools. Even if you don’t compete at a meet, it is a perfect time to learn new skills, or see something that you think really looks neat, and then motivates you to try to work towards that new skill. Our team lacks unity, I don’t really know how to teach/coach unity either. Because gymnastics is such an individual sport, encouragement comes after you do something good or bad. Either your teammates will shout out at you with a verbal comment or they may give you a hug or thumbs up. BUT, because so many of the girls are freshmen and beginners or first timers, they don’t have relationships with the older girls. Do I tell the seniors to hug and cheer for them in practice so that the younger girls know that they are welcome and appreciated? I really have no clue! I didn't get home from the meet till like 9:30, it was a long time but it went fast and I honestly enjoyed every minute of it. It is so nice to be envolved with gymnastics again. I think that the 4 coaches work really well together too. We all complement each others strengths and weaknesses. IT'S AWESOME!

My friend found this amazing site that allows people on Tysabri to comment on their experience. It really eases any worries I might struggle with. ~~CLICK HERE~~

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Jan said...

Hi Mikey. I see you are in Fort Wayne. My hubyy & I grew up in Anderson, Ind. Loved all your pics on the blog and I wish you luck on your journey. You sound like a srong willed person and with your faith and support, I know that you will succeed. Thanks for stopping by DreamWeaver's.