Tuesday, January 29, 2008

may your grace abound in us

God took hold of this day. WOW. So I went to class and then went to Snider and visited during lunch. This guy and his girl friend who I talked with a while back decided to seek me out. It was amazing what resulted from it. I am pumped to see where it goes. So, then I go back to IPFW and go to my other class, then I went to gymnastics practice and that went pretty good too. I get back home and I am doing some homework when I get a phone call from my brother (in Christ not actual brother) Matt and he says that there is a friend and his wife who need prayer, and have requested the elders from their church, but they were unavailable. So, me, Matt, Doug, Tim, Nick, Raphieal and Matt's wife were there and we prayed for a long time. We just lifted up God and asked for his blessing on this specific situation. I tell you what....It was a powerful time. God never ceases to amaze me. We met up at the church and prayed for the time first. We announced any sin that was pressing on our hearts. Then we left to go to their house. WOW, it is just such an enriching feeling to be lifted like that. I am in awe........

I have to get my butt to bed now though, I am going to be leaving pretty early to go to Michigan with some Staff from Young Life & Campus Life where I will get a chance to go and SKI!!!! I am pumped.

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