Friday, January 18, 2008

Dude, I need a punching bag

I didn't BLOG yesterday because the girls had a gymnastics meet at Wawasee, which is like an hour away. So, I didn't get home until late and I was exhausted. The girls did really good though

I think they got like a 88.2 and Wawasee got a 94, so we didn't win, but it was pretty much their first meet and I was very proud.

That was yesterday, and today I just had kind of an off day, and it was made much much worse by a little incident at work that shouldn't have even happened. It went like this...... I rented 25 tables from a rental place and took them back to the church. They needed to be set up and it didn't seem like that big of a deal. Once I started setting them up, the gentlemen came in who wanted them a specific way. I tried and tried to understand how he wanted them, but the way he was communicating with me just wasn't getting through. I got so frustrated, and then he told me, "well, I can work with your inability to do something." My eyes just got big and I think I took it the wrong way. I almost felt like he was pointing towards my M/S, but I know now he wasn't. It turned into a big ordeal, and I ended up hitting my head on one of the tables, "on purpose out of frustration." I didn't do it hard, but I didn't do it soft. Well, I think he doesn't know my personality very well and I think it shocked him/threw him off. Emotions ran high, and long story short, he just up and left for a while. I called my mom to ask what she thought I should do because I was just totally stressed and had never really been in a situation like this before. He came back, and we worked it out. We maybe just need to work on our communication, and he needs to find a way to lower his stress level, cuz he is pushing it off on to me.

Then, I went to Reggies class tonight again. He hadn't been there for 3 days. Hummmm, so I actually drove over to his apartment, and his mom smiled and let me in right away. Me and his mom spoke and spoke, and I got to learn a lot out him that I probably wouldn't have ever gotten from Reggie. He is so modest and calm. I love his mom, and he sure does have one that will fight for him when he needs her to. It was awesome, and there are things that happened while I was there that I can't even put into words. It was a good visit.

THEN....I get home and decide to take it easy on the couch. Well, my friend Vincent from New Jersey called and we spoke for almost an hour and a half. Well, he is paralyzed from the waist down and we got in touch because he was originally wanting to try to go to China. I was able to help him get everything started up to a point. But on his own, he didn't have any it kind of fell through the cracks. But, he still calls me every now and then out of the blue. This time, our conversation was directed towards God right away. I was respectful for the most part, but certain things I had to disagree with. It ended on a really good note though. He let me pray for him on the phone, and he thanked me for speaking with him. I told him that the pleasure was all on my end. He really did bless me with his phone call. Does anyone have any idea how good it feels to have a grown man come to you seeking truth. Or maybe just seeking encouragement. Whatever the reason he called me, I am thankful for it.

Now, I have GOT TO GO TO BED!


Anonymous said...

that was a little imature wasn't it..we all. no matter how old we get, have to deal with people that maybe we don't get there motive or style, but banging your head on a table? geez my 3 year old grandson don't even do that any more..c'mon. you're better that that.

Mikey said...

It is absloutely true. It was an extremely stupid way to handle frustration. It is a good example of how my thought process works when I an pressed to an extreme. Do you know how stupid I felt afterward? I was honestly ashamed at myself, but it just came out. I can honestly look at it and say that there was a destruction of my thought process caused by overwhelming stress. Many factors contributed to that stress that I didn't mention in the post as well. It was very childish, and I would understand if I lost the job because of it.