Wednesday, January 30, 2008

cold, windy, sore.....FUN!

Ohh I really needed to do this for myself today. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. I was with some great guys, and had such a good time. The car ride there was INTENSE! There was really bad weather all through Michigan, and we saw like 6 wrecks. A lot of the time we were going 35 MPH on the Interstate. This is a picture of the guys I went with. To the right, of course we have Josh. Sitting right to the left of Josh is Brady. Up in the passenger seat is Zach, and driving this beast of a minivan is Troy. 4 Great guys to go on a ski trip with. I had such a good time and really enjoyed their companionship. I sat in the back of the van, and this was what the roads looked like the majority of the drive there. Michigan doesn't do a very good job of getting their roads cleared off. I guess I can consider the Indiana Department of Transportation to be top notch after this trip. Bittersweet is the name of the Ski resort we went to. It is a small close location, but we still had a really great time. I got to have some really solid conversations with Josh on the way back as well. Also, on my way back I got a phone call from Tom. Tom is the other staff member for Young Life. He does an awesome job, and invited me over for dinner. Tom can also cook. We had some really good noodles and chicken stuff, and then talked about the next semester of Young Life and what some of our expectations. We talked about God and then ended in prayer. God really tugged at my heart in this prayer because he showed me the friendship that is growing between Tom & I. I started crying because it was such a strong feeling. Not balling, but I did walk away teary eyed. I have spent a lot of time in prayer asking God for a godly example to become good friends with. This whole time I have known him, but just didn't realize what I had in front of me. What a day, what a glorious day!

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