Sunday, January 27, 2008

It wasn't so bad.

I did have to wake up at 3:30AM and it was pretty darn chilly out but I actually enjoyed myself. The snow is cold, but it has to be removed from the pavement, I accepted this and got to work. Eventually I was singing worship songs out loud and having a good time. But seriously, 3:30 is early for anyone to have to wake up and then go do physical labor. Once I was finished outside, I went in and fixed a door problem in the babies room. I felt like a handy man. Right now it is (7:55AM) and I am just doing a morning post because I have to get cleaned up and then go back in, for the service. John managed to talk me into directing traffic again....I didn't want to, and I really don't enjoy doing it, but he made an offer I couldn't turn down. So at 9:30 or so I will return to direct traffic, then go on in and enjoy the service, once the service is over I am right back to directing traffic. I hope I don't direct any cars right into each other. That would suck so much......

So, directing cars wasn't so bad. I don't know what gets me so worked up about it, but I do every time.

After church I went home and was very challenged to contact my friend that I have been needing to contact for a while now. I was blessed by her, I learned a lot, and hope to continue with her. My heart aches for what she has gone through. My prayer worriers can pray that God strengthens her to seek Christ above all else. To rely on his truth and grace and accept it with arms wide open. God will know what you're talking about.

After that I went to a Young Life meeting. We talked about last semester and the semester to come real soon. I am getting so excited for it, and I think some really really great things are to come. In fact, I KNOW they are. We had some up and coming high school leaders come to the meeting tonight. Their words were very encouraging and they brought a whole new persona of Young Life to me. It was great to be able to see what we do through their eyes

They are the ones sitting on the couch. It was really great to get their input.

After that I went right to Collateral, and I am starting to form friends that I really look forward to seeing. There is one guy specifically that I am forming a relationship with. A guy who can keep me accountable and honest. It is a beautiful thing to see what I am provided with.

I had some really good potato soup tonight too.

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