Monday, January 21, 2008

busy busy busy

Today I started off super early for Bible study. After that I went home hoping I could get a couple of hours of sleep, but it didn't work out that way....I was invited by some guys from Bible study/Collateral to go and eat some wings. My meal was paid for and it was awesome! After wings I went directly to Pathway. The first thing I did was apologize to John for reacting in such a childish and immature way on Friday. I asked him if we could start all over. He smiled and said that was what he wanted as well. We got along sooo good for the rest of the day, it might have been a good thing that happened. My day was just non stop GO GO GO! I am exhausted and really didn't want to BLOG, but part of me always wants to blog even when I can't lift a finger to type and I have to type with like my nose and stuff. I shared God's love with several strangers today. God is everywhere, God is so good, I just want to smile all the time for God. Sometimes it is easier than others, but dang do I serve a complete and thrilling God. We had a home meet today. I had to do a lot of the heavy lifting and dragging and pushing and sweating. It's all good though, I love doing it for the girls. We played a High school that is really amazing in Gymnastics. I think it kind of put things in perspective for the girls, but that is good. I prayed with one of the girls because she had to take her mom to the hospital for some on going issues, and it was really just tearing her up inside. I just stopped her and said, hey let me pray for you please. She looked relieved, and I could feel her wrist trembling a little bit when she put it over my shoulder. Once again, GOD IS SO GOOD! In all things, even yucky hard to deal with things. He is still good if you accept everything about him and everything about you. It all really does work out so well. Trust, Faith and Love. That's about it.

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