Sunday, January 20, 2008

bad timing nose!

Today I went to Calvery which meets at Northside High School. It was an amazing service that spoke on abortion. Today is actually sanctity of life day, so the sermon was quite fitting. It was very emotional as well. When I got home from church my mom kind of called me out on why I went to a different church than Pathway. Pathway has been a very good church to me, it has been a strong point when I needed something to rely on. The reasoning for me going to a different church came down to this. Last week I was asked to direct traffic for the church services. I hated doing it, and felt really uncomfortable doing it. I didn't want John to ask me again, so instead of confronting him and telling him, I decided to just "try" out a different church. Wow, not only is that not my personality at all, it is just selfish and immature. The next day I work I am going to tell John how I feel and hope that he understands. That was the real reason I didn't go to Pathway, I am pretty ashamed of it now actually. I love Pathway!
Later on in the afternoon 2:30P.M. to be exact I met up with this girl, Heather from my bank. We met an a local ice cream parlor, and talked about many things. Some of the items on the agenda were life, Young Life, God and troubles. We talked for 4 1/2 hours! During that time I managed to lock my keys in my car, and get the most intense bloody nose! It was really nice talking to her and she is pretty excited to seek out Young Life. I am pretty excited for her as well.

After she took me home and my parents dropped me off at my car I went to Collateral, it was great!
After I was done at Collateral I went to IHOP with David and some of his friends. We had a jolly time.

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