Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I enjoy working

Some slacker punk at work didn't do a very good job of removing the snow, that guy should be fired.

I was getting so upset at myself today. I kept making stupid decisions because of my memory, or should I say lack of memory. It is so extremely frustrating when I can't or don't remember things that should easily remembered. UGHHHH! I drove and drove all over God's green earth to get some video/audio stuff for a T.V. set up I am putting together. I was going to pay for it out of my account, and Pathway was going to reimburse me. Once I finally got to the place to purchase it, my Debit was denied.............I didn't remember that I had gotten a new savings & checking account at my bank yesterday in an attempt to be more money conscious. AHHHH! Why couldn't I remember that?

A girl named Heather from my bank who I spoke with yesterday wrote me and E-Mail saying she was interested in finding out about Young Life. It was really an answerer to prayer, and it is so neat to see how God works in all things. Even things we don't expect to see him in. Those are actually the best.

Ohhh yea, I had a dream last night or maybe early this morning. It was very strange, and I remembered it very vividly for a while. I wrote it down once I got to Bible study. It went as follows.

I was on vacation with friends and their family. I don't remember what the family was, and actually don't remember who the friends were. It was some where on a coast, because I remember a beach & the ocean. I remember hanging out with at least 2 people I knew, or at least felt comfortable with. I was having a good time but I remember this kid who was always hiding in the shadows. It turned out to be the brother of one of the guys I was hanging out with. He had been hostile towards me the whole time and I couldn't figure out why. I remember this kid being very "the out doorsy type." I remember he show an arrow right in front of me, just to scare me. I finally called him out and asked him, "hey man, what's your deal with me?" He never said anything to me, he just pointed upward. I remember saying, "is it because I believe in God?" He shook his head. I think I spoke with him after he gave me his answerer, but my phone woke me up shortly after that, I believe.

It was such a realistic dream, I really thought it was going on. It's strange, I wish I had someone like Joseph to interpret my dreams, like he did for Pharoah. I wonder if there is a reason for that dream, it just seems so strange. I can tie together my own thoughts on the matter....but it is just so hard to say. It could be completely meaningless and just a crazy act of my subconscious.


Anonymous said...

I am curious ... In your post, you emphasized your frustration with an inability to remember things ... is this a physical result of having M/S or do you think its just a consequence of leading a very busy life and perhaps being tired?

Thank you.

Mikey said...

Well, good question. I know that it "can" be a result of the M/S. I can't say for sure though. It could also all be one and the same. Stress, lack of sleep, busyness all can be extremely difficult on someone with M/S. Short term memory loss is a huge component with ms though.