Monday, January 07, 2008

You did it again, yes you did!

HA HA!! You did it again, you sneaky, amazing, brilliant, vibrant, inspiring, colorful, unannounced, unrelenting, magnificent, graceful, providing, painless God you. You provide for me. You give me what I need when I don’t even ask for it. Why don’t you ask more of me? Why don’t you make me do a dance ritual before I can even think about you? Why are you so easy on me? Why don’t you ask more of me? Why are you so good? Why do you love me so much? Why are you my comforter? How is it that you can actually make anything and everything better?
My day started off in a place I desired to be in. I went to Bible Study and it was cut short because one of the guys who is always there didn’t show up because he was just having some really poor health. He never gets sick and was as sick as a….. “Really sick thing.” So, we got a phone call from his wife who spoke on his behalf. We had been asked to come and pray over him. So, we headed over to Matt’s house.
We went to Matt's house and prayed over him. It is always powerful when you honestly pray in the name of God for someones health.

After Bible study, I went home and got cleaned up. It was then time for me to go to IPFW and seek out an Academic Advisor. My guys name was Jason Roy Burnett. This was sent by God as well. I wish I could have taken a picture of this guys arms. He had some serious tattoos on both arms, full arms too. All Biblical, and probably full of stories and meaning. I wasn't there to talk about his tatt's though. Turns out he was in school finishing up his degree in guess what, Counseling! Ironic anyone? I explained my circumstance (health issues) and ask for his opinion on how many class I should take and so on. He thought it would be in my best interest not to go over 9 credit hours for this semester. "just in case" I tended to agree, even though I wanted to go full time to feel like I am really accomplishing something. I have to keep telling myself, "all in due time my man." That seems to be good enough for me. So, I will be taking Psychology 120 General Psychology With Spotlights on Diversity, Communication 114 Communication in Our Lives, and Statistics 125 Essentials of Statistics (math, AHHHH!!!). I am pretty stoked to start class and write a paper. People who have been through college can probably read that and say to themselves, "ohhh just wait young grasshopper." That's OK though.When I got done with signing up for class, I headed over to Snider High School and spent some time with the kids. Passed out some mints & chatted, and hung out with Reggie a little bit in the hallway. He told one of his buddies that I was his friend. Reggies Buddie was like, "you have a 21 year old friend?" Reggie kind of cocked his head to the left and said slowly, "yea...I do." I couldn't help but smile.

After I get all signed up for classes and books purchased, I get a phone call from Pathway (my church) and John the guy who interviewed me for the job there a month back offered me another job. He will work around my schedule and I start tomorrow at 7:30AM. How amazing is that, it is so amazing. I didn't even pray, ask or look for a job. God just saw a need, and plopped it right in my lap. Now that is something beautiful, I will not take it for granted. $10/hr coming directly from the hand of God. I believe it is time to start tithing & giving him back what I owe him. My current status is HUMBLED & I am listening to the song After Your Heart by Phil Wickham and it really makes sense to me.

***Thanks for your help Lauren***


Sharon said...

who are u taking com 114 with?

Sharon said...

oh and one more thing...i have taken both stat 125 and psy 120 and done well in them, so if you need any help or just want to bounce ideas, im here. Who do you have for these classes?

Mikey said...

that is AWESOME Sharon, I will let you know who my prof's are, actually shoot me an E-Mail, that way I will remember, I am so tired, I must get to ZZzz land.