Tuesday, January 08, 2008

too tired to think.

I worked today. It was pretty easy going too. I spent a lot of the time driving this truck and trailer. I think the guy was impressed by my skills. Fo Shizzle! I think my position is going to be like general maintenance person & whatever guy. This is a pretty cool title, and while I overheard a couple of guys talking. One of them asked John (guy I work under) if I knew how to drive a plow, John was quick to respond, "ohh yea." I mean, I do..it's just funny to me. I can John is really happy to have me there, and I am really happy to be there. I'm not sure what kind of hours I am going to be working, I think it will pretty much be a as needed basis. That's cool with me though, I get reimbursed for everything. Like for instance, if I use my vehicle to do ANYTHING, I get paid back for the mileage. Today I worked at Pathway from 7:30-5:00, as I drove home I asked my mom if she would make me some ham & cheese sandwiches. She did, I threw on some different clothes and drove to Gymnastics practice eating while I drove. I am so incredibly tired, I am going to sleep like a baby on painkillers.

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