Friday, January 25, 2008

Guys night out

It was guys night out. Me, Jared, Nicky, Marty, Dan & Derek went out to B Dubs then went and saw Rambo. It was killtastic, but I enjoyed it none the less. I know there is nothing Christian about it and it is probably frowned upon, I really liked it though. I love action, bang bang movies.

When I got out of the theatre, it was snowing pretty hard, and I was letting my car warm up while I cleared it off. A guy across from me needed to do the same, but his car wouldn't start and he had no scrapper. I let him use mine, then he started swearing because his car died. I asked if he had jumper cables. He said yes, and I pulled up next to him to give him a jump. The dude kept swearing non stop. I told him I was happy to help him, but asked him politely to stop swearing. He apologized, and I just smiled and implied that it wasn't for me. I told him to have a good night and then after a "God bless," I was off.

I noticed that Jared swears a kind of disappoints me, especially when he is around his little brother Nicky. I don't know if he sees the importance in "not swearing" anymore. I dunno, it is just too bad. I have class tomorrow, then after I will probably be doing snow removal at Pathway, I hope I remember to pack boots!


Anonymous said...

could you enlighten me why swearing is so bad by some people, but, you figuring out how to "hack" into your phone and get "freebies" that are chargeable offerings by verizon is ok..1 + 1 should equal 2 in the moral patrol. right?

Mikey said...

This is how I see it. Last year, “hacking” was not necessary. In fact, my old phone the Motorola Q was perfectly capable of allowing such things as personalized ringtones, and videos, pictures, etc. It wasn't until recently did Verizon decide to switch their cell phone format to CDMA phones, which is just a glorified way of making people pay more money for certain services. They never made a public announcement; they just found a loop hole and took full advantage of it by telling their suppliers to stop manufacturing non-CDMA phones. Did I hack my phone? Yes I did, but I didn’t do anything illegal, in fact I would tell any Verizon representative of my actions. My problem with Jared swearing is that he talks one way about his spirituality, but then doesn’t seem bothered in the slightest with language that makes him seem very worldly. I also know Jareds heart, and I know he is so much better than that. Swearing is Biblically wrong; “thou shall not swear.” But from a worldly stand point, it makes him seem unintelligent and na├»ve; he is neither.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Christian girl, 14. My dad is christian too but like most people he is in the process. My dad and I know swearing is wrong. But why is it wrong?

Mikey said...

In Matthew 18:6 it talks about how it is better to have a large millstone tied around your neck and thrown into the depths of the sea than to cause a "little one" or immature Christian/young child to sin. Ya see, when you proclaim to be a Christian, you are setting yourself apart from the majority. Now you will have people looking at you and watching your actions wondering if you really are different. If you swear, and don't practice self discipline then how are you really setting yourself apart? Also, if I am around someone who swears all the time, it is more likely for me to pick it up. The old saying, "what goes in comes out" is so true. That is why I try not to hang around people who swear. Christ commands us to be servants just like he was, and I have a really hard time picturing Jesus swearing. In 18:8 it says that if your hand is causing you to sin, then cut it off because it is better to enter the kingdom of heaven with one hand then to burn. SO, I think it is okay to replace hand with other things. Like, if your friends cause you to sin, then get rid of them because it is better to enter the kingdom of heaven with no friends than to burn in hell. I suppose it is all your perspective though. :-)